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Everything you need to protect your home.

A Strong, Reliable Home Security System for a small to medium property. An all in one package to protecting your home.


Basic alarm package from WSS

The Enforcer Essential Package comes with the basics needed to securely protect a modern home or property over a small to medium sized area. After a free survey, our experts can evaluate your homes strong and weak areas, allowing us to strengthen them with the devices included in your new Burglar Alarm kit.

The Devices and Features included in system are:

  • The Enforcer 32WE Control panel
  • Custom Live Siren with WSS Logo
  • 2 X Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR)
  • 1 X Magnetic Door Contact


  • NSI Certificate of Conformance
  • Delivered, Installed to your home specification
  • WSS® Guarantee - 12 Months Maintenance and Parts included
  • Selection of 3 Monitoring Options (see below)

new burglar alarm onlineThe Enforcer is the centre piece to your house alarm, a complete two way wireless control panel using wireless devices manufactured by Pyronix Ltd. Each device on the Enforcer is a transmitter and a receiver, offering the installer a status reading at both the Enforcer control panel, and the wireless device. Find out more at Pyronix.com

  •  Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) & 4 Level Sets
  •  32 Wireless inputs & 2 Wired Inputs
  • 4 level Sets & 80 User Codes
  •  12V Auxiliary output / back up battery time 12 hours

door contact alarm deviceThe Wireless Magnetic Door Contact is a small device that attaches itself to your door and door frame, when the door is opened, the magnetic link is separated and your alarm (when on) is activated. A simple and extremely effective device.

  • 2 Reed Switch Detection Points (Side and End)
  • External Tamper input
  • Powerfull Magnet
  • Signal Strength Indicator in Device
  • One Push To Learn Button
  • Pyronix High Security Wireless Protocol Encryption

Passive Infrared Sensor or PIR, (Right) is an essential electronic device that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. Apparent motion is detected when an infrared source with one temperature, such as a human, passes in front of an infrared source with another temperature, such as a wall.

The PIR sensor is typically mounted on a printed circuit board containing the necessary electronics required to interpret the signals from the sensor itself. The complete assembly is usually contained within a housing, mounted in a location where the sensor can cover area to be monitored.

WSS Group Ltd Passive Infrared

PIR motion sensor design

The housing will usually have a plastic "window" through which the infrared energy can enter. Despite often being only translucent to visible light, infrared energy is able to reach the sensor through the window because the plastic used is transparent to infrared radiation. The plastic window reduces the chance of foreign objects (dust, insects, etc.) from obscuring the sensor's field of view, damaging the mechanism, and/or causing false alarms. The window may be used as a filter, to limit the wavelengths to 8-14 micrometres, which is closest to the infrared radiation emitted by humans. It may also serve as a focusing mechanism; see below.

Wikipedia: Source

Access control key fobs are electronic key fobs that are used for controlling access to buildings or vehicles. They are used for activating such things as remote keyless entry systems on motor vehicles. Early electric key fobs operated using infrared and required a clear line-of-sight to function. These could be copied using a programmable remote control. More recent models use challenge-response authentication over radio frequency, so these are harder to copy and do not need line-of-sight to operate. Programming these remotes sometimes requires the automotive dealership to connect a diagnostic tool, but many of them can be self-programmed by following a sequence of steps in the vehicle and usually requires at least one working key.

pyronic-key-fobKey fobs are used in apartment buildings and condominium buildings for controlling access to common areas (for example, lobby doors, storage areas, fitness room, pool). These usually contain a passive RFID tag. The fob operates in much the same manner as a proximity card to communicate (via a reader pad) with a central server for the building, which can be programmed to allow access only to those areas in which the tenant or owner is permitted to access, or only within certain time frames.

Wikipedia: Source

Monitor Options (Optional)

Your system will stand alone and will not be monitored by any external services.

When triggered your alarm will function as intended, alerting anyone nearby of potential danger to your home. Your alarm will rely solely on itself and its ability to alert and deter potential intruders.

Total Cost: £0

You or your selected users will be notified by SMS, Telephone Call or Smartphone App (iPhone or Android) in the event of an alarm activation. You can be notified any time your alarm is triggered, wether its to tell you your alarm system has been shut down when the kids got home from school or your system has been triggered while your on holiday, you’ll always have control of your home.

A telephone line is not required as we use the latest GSM hardware with World-SIM. Setup cost of £48 plus £4.75 per month. All costs are included other that your Smartphones data usage. The Smartphone App lets you Set and UnSet each of the four areas, check the status of devices and review the event log. Notifications are sent for alarms and each time the system is Set or UnSet. If the SMS or Telephone Call option is preferred, our Alarm Receiving Centre will contact each of the key-holders until a response is received.

One-Off Payment: £84

In addition to the User Notification features above, the Alarm Receiving Centre will also contact the Police when the specified conditions are met. Wether your at work or abroad, your home and valuables will have the highest amount of security watching over them at all times.

Please refer to Information on Confirmation as required by BS 8243 for Sequentially Confirmed Alarms. A Unique Reference Number (URN) must be requested from the Police at a subsidised cost of £48 (this is a one-off payment for the allocation of a URN). Additional monthly cost of £3.80. Please note these costs are in addition to the User Notification costs.

One-Off Payment: £136.19

Monitor Options

Cheaper Monitoring from WSS Group Ltd

Most companies that give away free home security systems when you sign up for a service contract, end up rolling the equipment cost into your monthly monitoring fees, which pushes their prices higher and leave you paying more over huge amounts of time.

With WSS our contracts are completely separate for customers that prefer them, its all in your hands.

Mr & Mrs FisherPrivate Customer
Chuffed to bits with new instalment and work that was carried out by Stephen your engineer, very professional, clean and tidy job!
Mr McMasterPrivate Customer
You should note that we found the whole process from start to finish, entirely positive. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, flexible staff in office and field. Smooth installation to specification. On time, no mess, good information. Happy customers! Well done.
Graeme GPrivate Customer
Thanks for that, all well and the lad who came to install it could not have been more helpful. Cheers
Mary R. MPrivate Customer
This is to say 'THANK YOU'. You could have successfully CONNED me... you did not!
Stirling CouncilCouncil Contract
We would strongly recommend this contractor for any work.


The Pyronix Enforcer 32WE, Multi Award Winning 'Innovation of the year' 2015


Customised Deltabell with WSS Group Ltd markings and branding.


Our Passive Infrared Detectors are all upgradable to Pet Friendly versions, FREE!


Door Contacts for your entry and exit points around your property keeping them locked down securely.

  • 1-2 Bed Flat / House
  • £345
    per Package
  • NSI Certificate of Conformance
  • Award Winning Enforcer Control Panel
  • Custom Live Siren with WSS Logo
  • -
  • 2 X Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR)
  • 1 X Magnetic Door Contact
  • -
  • -
  • 3-4 Bed Flat / House
  • £469
    per Package
  • NSI Certificate of Conformance
  • Award Winning Enforcer Control Panel
  • Custom Live Siren with WSS Logo
  • Custom Decoy Siren with WSS Logo
  • 4 X Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR)
  • 1 X Magnetic Door Contact
  • 2 X High Quality Proximity Tags
  • -
  • Property & Business
  • £754
    per Package
  • NSI Certificate of Conformance
  • Award Winning Enforcer Control Panel
  • Custom Live Siren with WSS Logo
  • ADDITIONAL Custom Live Siren with WSS Logo
  • 6 X Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR)
  • 2 X Magnetic Door Contact
  • 2 X High Quality Proximity Tags
  • 2 X Remote Key FOB